the kitchen, tiled.


We did it! We tiled the backsplash in our kitchen AND painted! It is really feeling like we have come full circle, despite the old floors (we foresee that project happening in about a year or so). Even with builder-grade linoleum, our kitchen is looking fantastic and, even more importantly, is a dream to work in. Cory cut and laid each individual piece of tile by hand and then I stepped in at the end for the glory when it was time to grout. The pot faucet, pictured above, does make me feel pretty glamorous, I must say, and the nifty stainless shelves we added are practical and stylish-we are super pleased with the turnout. A few more pictures…





Grouting is a real pain, by the way and white tile, of course, doesn’t make it any easier. We had fun this day though and later it made our cocktail taste THAT much better.


Cory also installed under-mount cabinet lighting. It uses tiny LED bulbs so it is very bright and incredibly efficient-we turn them on a lot.




As I said, we love our shelves. The open storage forces me to be more organized.



Behold the newly painted walls. This is a real bonus and a big, bright improvement! We love the chalk walls and have fun making lists and drawing pictures here and there. We lucked out last weekend at a Farmer’s Market in South Haven, Michigan and found a beautiful print by local photographer, Bobbie Bush. Things are really shaping up on this side of the house!


2 thoughts on “the kitchen, tiled.

  1. I love it! Of course it makes me sad too…you were doing all this fun stuff while we stilled lived there…I feel apart of that lovely transformation. It’s hard to realize that moving forward I won’t be part of the day to day and the exciting things that will happen to us both as we are living so far apart! Miss you! Love Ya!

    • It’s a good thing we made all the big decisions before you left! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and send up a wish that you were on the other side of that island.

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