queen elsa


There isn’t much to say really, is there?  She is everywhere all of a sudden.  Flooding our speakers with her beautiful power ballad, haunting me with her coy cat eyes, possessing our daughters with her icy long fingers and silvery flowing gown.  Damn this woman.  I even bought her movie the day it was released to DVD.  This one, this self-assured, capable Disney queen is squelching all of my careful Disney princess analyses.  I mean, c’mon-her contemporaries are quiet, down-trodden, manless debutantes who require princely courtship for validation and worthiness.  I have spent so much time disliking Disney princesses and what they represent that I have become accustomed to it and revel in the predictable fairy tale ending so I can say, “I told you so…”.  Leave it to Disney to sneak in this Elsa creature to make me reconsider the effect of a Disney princess character.  What will they do next?  Befriend Snow White and Ariel?  They aren’t that progressive.



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