Me and the kids

How do you take a compliment?  Wait.  First, a few examples of compliments I have received from my children: You’re hair is so tangly and pretty!  I like that purple eyeshadow under your eyes.  You’re head is so big and nice.  I’m prettier than you, but your still pretty.  You’re ponytail is a cute black poof ball! (always with the hair…).

Brutal honesty, right?  That is what we get from our children, especially in their younger years when they just blurt out everything they are thinking.  To be honest, I love the way they observe us in their innocent and non-judgmental way.  They way they don’t care about morning breath, bedhead, a pimple or an age spot.  When Michael told Ella her braces were beautiful, I nearly cried-not because he was right but because he really feels it and believes it.  And while it is hard to hear sometimes, they remind us all the time of our most basic selves.  Lily thinks my frizzy hair is “cute”.  Ella still likes to go into my closet and put on my shoes and clothes.  Michael laughs really hard when I do a mediocre impression of someone or use a silly accent.  I like the “compliments” our children sincerely offer.  In fact, as I attempt to wrap this up with Lily chatting away next to me, I glance over and she says, “Hey! Why are you staring at me?  Oh, I know-because I am beautiful.  You are too mama-that’s why I love you so much!”

Do your kids “compliment” you?  Do you like it or does it make you feel more critical of yourself?


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