and the lipstick song…

Lily and Cory before ballet last Friday.

Lily and Cory before ballet last Friday.

Topnotch alliteration isn’t the only reason for the name of my blog.  I mentioned before that Lily really loves lipstick.  You should know this: Lily isn’t allowed to have her own “lipstick”.  “Lipstick” in our house is anything that can go on the lips to either a.) moisturize, b.) beautify, or c.) both.  Lip balm is actually what we banned a few months ago when we found her repeatedly slathering it on her lips and the immediate space around her mouth.  She also had managed to get it into her bedroom carpet a few times, this basically put Cory over the edge.  I was willing to give it a third or fourth chance until the day of Michael’s holiday concert at Eastview Elementary when she fidgeted and cried because her “lipstick” came off and she needed to reapply.  I reapply.  I am also very close to the age of 38 and quite skilled in “lipstick” application.  That put me over the edge. So our little Lily does in fact remind us each day of her lipstick woes.  Since I told her that she might have them in her possession when she is older, she sweetly asks me on occasion, “Am I still four?” (only she says “four” in that cute toddlery way- “Fohl”.  Sigh.
So now it has been at least 3 months since the takeover and we were treated yesterday to an impromptu song by Lily, pink acoustic guitar in hand.  A one, a two, a one, two, three, four:

“I’m a little teapot, I’m a little teapot, I got five lipsticks in my teapot and they’re all mine and I don’t share them and I keep them in my room and they’re all my lipsticks.”

I have to applaud her determination.  This is one fight she isn’t going to give up.  But those of you who know Lily, know that she is a fighter (but the good kind who will, I hope, always fight for what she believes in).  We tell her, “No big deal, babe-lipstick isn’t important!”  She scoffs and shoots us a look I am certain I too possess, as if to say, “(Expletive) you.  When I get biggohl, I will drink coffee and chew gum and have my own lipsticks.”  All of these things, I do not doubt.


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