it’s all snow and washi tape up in here

by Michael and me

by Michael and me

Our January days are long.  Cold and long.  Thankfully, we have plenty of cold weather gear for outside and craft supplies for inside.  When those options are exhausted, I feel like I put too much pressure on myself to be available.  Not like the kind of available that can honor requests like a drink of water or a bottom wipe.  The kind of availability that suggests I am up for a board game or hide and seek at any given moment.  Truth is, I am more inclined to get lost in my laundry, hide behind my vacuum, or plug into my treadmill.
Cory tells me I don’t need to be that kind of available.  “They have each other to play with”, he says.  He is right.  But let’s be real.  Even the best of friends tire of one another and need a little break.  So, my MO is this:  I am full-on for morning routine, all the meals we share and evening routines.  In between all of that, I am up for drawing pictures, playing a hand or two of Uno, and/or baking something together.  I still struggle with “playing”, as if it’s some big homework assignment I am putting off.  The winter months always remind me of this internal struggle of mine.  To play or not to play?  When and how much?  Is there some parent play requirement that ensures my children will have a full and balanced experience?  I wish I knew.

For now I suppose we will continue to read books, share music, and tape until our hearts content.


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