Capital Number 1.

Easter at Grandma and Papa's

Easter at Grandma and Papa’s

Only parents of toddlers have conversations about why it’s best to wear shoes in public places, why crayons are meant for coloring, not eating, and why drywall doesn’t “come” painted when you buy it (yes, that was a question once).  Today Michael really needed to know why numbers are not written in either capital or lowercase fashion.  “Look mom!  That capital I is a lowercase number 1!”  I suppose to a 4 year-old, this is exactly right–and, depending on how you write a number 1, it may very well resemble your capital I.  Ok, see?  I am rationalizing it, or explaining the hard to explain.  He has never been a boy who accepts, “because”, or “that’s just the way it is”, without probing further in order to reach a clearer understanding.  He is a boy of many questions, and for all the facets of his personality that seem to grow and evolve, this one questioning aspect remains the same.
One evening when he got out of bed to use the bathroom, he asked, “What do you do while I am sleeping?  Do you and daddy sleep?”  Yes, my love, we sleep, but only when you are.