If it’s 8am…


and you have already spent two hours with your children, well, that’s too much time.  Michael and Lily were up at 6am the other morning.  These are the things I did before 8am:
Wiped two bottoms
Brushed teeth
Corralled them into my room
Had a shower whilst being beckoned to “come here!”
Tripped over a book and a baby, stepping out of the shower
Stubbed my toe on the stool drug to the middle of the bathroom floor
Fought Lily for my mousse
Told Michael to please use an inside voice, more than once
Gave a verbal inventory of my cosmetics to Lily
Asked Michael to back away from the tv, more than once
Packed lunches with tiny people at my heels
Packed breakfast with tiny people at my heels
Shoes, coats, hats, bags of crap…
Load up

These are the things I like to do before 8am without the company of my children:
Drink coffee
Daydream about how they will peacefully wake and cuddle together quietly, preferably no earlier than 8am :).