New Space

Ella and I like to play salon in the new space.

Ella and I like to play salon in the new space.

I might have mentioned before how wonderful my husband is.  When it was time to finish our basement he revised his carefully laid out plan to include a room exclusively for hairdressing.  It’s my room.  It’s the space in the house where no one is allowed to touch anything and when our children are in the space, they have to sit quietly while I scissor away at their wigs.  Ella made me a sign for the door, offering haircuts up for ten dollars, and shaves for three 🙂

The room reminds me of the experience I had behind the chair in the salon where I had the privilege of getting to know some pretty amazing people. It serves as a marker for a time when I was independent and living under fewer demands, and a little less stress.  The beauty of this space, my new space is that I get to show my children this side of myself–the hairdresser side, the person who once could have never imagined what was to come.
So you see, it wasn’t only the revised floor plan for the basement, it was much more than that.  It is about truly knowing a person, respecting and admiring them; understanding that your life is a compilation of events, some occurring in your past, some present, that shape who you are and how you nurture your relationships.  My husband and our children?  The best clients I will ever have, without a doubt.


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