A singer, a talker, a pumpkin pie baker.

A singer, a talker, a pumpkin pie baker.

If you get the opportunity to spend 15 minutes with our son, you’ll know his favorite song, his favorite train, as well as his favorite book.  What you will also learn is that he is as equally interested in learning about your favorites too.
When his neighbor friend came over to play a couple of weeks back, he desperately tried to spark a conversation with a “how are you doing today?”  When this didn’t get a response, his eyes shifted to the band-aid on the bottom of his friend’s foot so he logically asked, “how’s your foot feeling?”  It’s a profound little thing the way Michael engages and gets to know the people who are close to him.  In the morning he will thoughtfully ask, “how was your sleep?”  When we eat, he asks if we like our dinner, (wouldn’t want his efforts in the kitchen to go unvalidated 🙂 if there is an opportunity  for a moment of silence, he’ll ask what we are thinking about.
Cory is his “best dude” and I am his “best girl”, although Ella and Lily get the Michael love too when he hugs them sweetly and calls them his “best”.  He wants to know how our work days went and tells us to drive safe when we leave the house for something.  He also gave his Grandma Theresa some unwarranted bowling advice over the weekend.  On the phone he ends with a “have a nice day, I luz you”.  After he complimented my girlfriend on her jeans and asked her where she got them, she started calling him The Mayor.  A uniquely considerate 2 year-old is he.
A few nights ago after a hectic evening filled with lots of whining and neediness, I quietly, but quickly dressed him after a bath.  The silence broke when Michael asked, “mom, what you nervous about?”
Remember the adage, nothing gets by a kid?  It turns out to be true.


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